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Giving close attention to clients' needs, always offering efficient services tailored to meet each individual demand.
Banking Transactions Malta, Services Malta,  Yachters in Malta

Banking Transactions

Throughout these years we have built solid business relationships with the main banks in Malta and can help you obtain what you need with minimum concern. At Boatcare...
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Chauffeur & Taxi Service Malta, Services Malta, Malta Car Hire, Chauffeur & Taxi Services

Chauffeur & Taxi Service

To make sure Boatcare can take care of everything you need and keep its reputation of a "one stop shop" we also provide Chauffeur, Taxi and Mini-Van service,...
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Courier Services Malta, Services Malta, Courier services in Malta

Courier Services

Do you want to send a package or mail abroad in a secure way during your stay in Malta? At Boatcare we offer the ideal solution. We can arrange for a fast and reliable...
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Freight Handling Malta, Services Malta,

Freight Handling

Freight forwarding is just another one of the many services we have to offer.   As all other services provided, freight forwarding services are specifically...
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Hotel Reservations Malta, Services Malta, Malta Hotel Reservations

Hotel Reservations

Malta is blessed with a great range of hotel accommodation to cater for all tastes and budgets. From five-star resort establishments, where you can bask in the lap of luxury...
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Malta Residency Malta, Services Malta, Malta Residency Permits

Malta Residency

Malta is an ideal place to take up residence. Besides its pleasant climate, safe environment and hospitable English-speaking population, it offers a range of benefits to...
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On board Entertainment Malta, Services Malta, On board Entertainment Malta

On board Entertainment

Would you like to have a party with your friends and family on your boat rather than ashore, want to organize a romantic evening for your better half or have a small...
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Private Air Travel Malta, Services Malta, Air charters in Malta

Private Air Travel

If time is of the essence and your onward journey needs to be swift, or you simply have to get somewhere overseas for the day, let us know! We can  organize private...
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Property Malta, Services Malta, Malta Short-Let and Long-Let Properties


Thinking of leaving your boat in the marina for a while, maybe moving to the island, or just investing in property here? Come along to Boatcare and take a look at the...
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Tourism Arrangements Malta, Services Malta, Tourism Arrangements Malta

Tourism Arrangements

Tourists come to Malta because there is so much to see and do. Malta is a safe and fun environment for people of all ages. The renowned friendliness, hospitality and...
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VIP Concierge Services Malta, Services Malta, VIP Concierge Services Malta

VIP Concierge Services

Whatever your needs, you can rely on our fuss-free concierge service. We can be with you every step of the way to deal with all the arrangements and hassle - so that you...
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