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Boatcare Trading Ltd is the official Malta distributor for some of the most renowned and trusted international yacht brands. We also stock a vast range of Marine Products.

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Swobbit's 14'' Quick dry Water blade is perfect for drying boats. Patented ...

Price: €32.00

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Designed to clean, burnish and restore aluminium, and to protect it from corrosion, oxidation...

Price: €10.27

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  Fascinating lemon flavour gel air freshener with a memorable and captivating fra...

Price: €4.92

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Boat Master's Anti Odour eliminates bad smells from fabric, leather, wood and teak. 

Price: €3.45

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Rich, moisturising cream which allows mess free application. It has a unique formula wi...

Price: €7.94

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Speed wax enhances shine and protection. It removes dirt and grime in between washes and main...

Price: €8.50

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This glass cleaner removes tough road dirt and interior film.  It cleans quickly a...

Price: €5.49

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Italia Marine's Extra Delicate extra virgin olive oil shampoo.  Ideal and suit...

Price: €14.83

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Bio Soap 2-in-1 is a special liquid detergent, concentrated, Eco-Compatible and foam-less, id...

Price: €11.86

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An all purpose, PH neutral boat shampoo capable of removing even the most resistant dirt, lea...

Price: €11.62

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  An all purpose PH neutral boat shampoo capable of removing even the most resista...

Price: €46.63

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This is considered as one of the most heavy duty fibreglass cleaner. It has a non scrat...

Price: €17.96

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