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Yacht Marinas In Malta

Malta is host to many yacht marinas. Many yachters choose to berth their yachts and boats in Malta simply because of the safe environment and we at Boatcare excel on helping you find the right marina to berth your boat.

Mgarr Marina

Mgarr Marina is located in Gozo, a step away from the beautiful crystal waters of Comino. Mgarr Marina is within walking distance from the Gozo Channel ferry marina, which operates daily routes between Malta and Gozo.


This pontoon based marina offers 208 berths and lies in the surroundings of Mgarr, a beautiful Gozitan fishing village with many restaurants to choose from. Many restaurants here specialise in Maltese delicacies like fresh fish palates as well as delectable Mediterranean Cuisine.


Banks are located about 10 minutes’ drive from the marina, making it easy for patrons to attend to commercial activities or simple withdrawal transactions.


Banks are open from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 till about noon, and remain closed on Sundays and Public holidays. The nearest banks are HSBC Bank and Bank of Valletta, which are both situated at, 90, Republic Street Victoria.


The beaches and seas are considered very safe. However, if you are new to Gozo, it is advisable to swim where the locals do.


There are many Roman Catholic churches all over the island. Mass is celebrated in Maltese, but however, service in English is celebrated at the Bishop’s Seminary in Victoria.


Always keep in mind that churches are places of worship. When visiting, show respect and wear appropriate attire. For more information on schedules available kindly contact our offices.


The Maltese Islands have typical Mediterranean weather and it is recognized as one of the best climates in the world. The islands have a greater amount of sunshine than northern Europe and there is hardly a day that is not bathed in sunshine.


In Malta and Gozo, major credit cards are accepted in all banks and most restaurants, supermarkets and places of entertainment.


Hospitals in Gozo are modern and supported by a regional network of health centres. Visitors from EU Member states should make sure that they have a European Health Insurance card. Polyclinics are open till 19:00 for your service and the nearest one to the hotel is the Victoria Polyclinic. After closure, emergency service is provided at the Gozo General Hospital. Always take your passport with you. Should you require medical attention, please contact our offices.


Pharmacies are denoted by a green cross. They are open from 09:00 till noon and like most shops close for a siesta. Some open on Sundays and public holidays, details of which will be found on the local papers.


Internet service at the Marina is available through a Vodafone USB key, at a charge.


Mgarr Marina coordinates: 36°01.45’ North, 14°.18.22 East

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